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Facial Treatments

Wide Variety of Facial Treatments


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About Thalgo

Thalgo, Leaders in Professional Marine Cosmetics since 1964

A Unique Art of Enhancing Beauty, Inspired by the 5 Oceans Thalgo treatments, is renowned for its incredible results. World leader and originator of the marine spa and beauty trend for over 50 years. Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and rebalancing properties vital for health and wellbeing. Thalgo's exceptional body treatments refine, relax and tone, while the facials offer spectacular results in anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying and more.

Thalgo Facials

Thalgo has a facial to treat virtually any concern. All Thalgo facials begin with the "Discovery of the Sea" welcome massage to ease tensions and immerse you in a relaxing aquatic cocoon. For best results, Thalgo recommends a course of 6 facials in conjunction with the accompanying homecare range to continue effectiveness.


Skin solutions


Essential for your beauty routine

Diamond Microdermabrasion


Diamond microdermabrasion removes the excess of the keratinized epidermis. For this purpose, an abrasive diamond head is used. After it is performed, the epidermis is stimulated for reconstruction, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin is enhanced. In addition, the blood vessels widen, making the skin better bloody.

Cavitation peeling


Cavitation peeling is currently one of the most popular cosmetic procedures designed to improve the appearance of the skin. As its name implies, it uses the cavitation phenomenon associated with ultrasonic waves. In our shop, you will find a device for cleaning the skin with ultrasonic vibration. Peeling greatly improves intracellular metabolism, activates enzymes, cleanses the dead epidermis's skin, and accelerates blood circulation. Thanks to it, the skin is cleansed of bacteria and microorganisms, which are mainly responsible for the formation of acne. At the same time, cavitation removes excess sebum from the skin pores and hair follicles, making it easier to get rid of the blackheads and blackheads. Thanks to this treatment, the skin becomes smooth, moisturised, and soft.

Discovery Facial


30 mins The perfect express facial if you're on the go, tailored to your skin type. Featuring Thalgo's signature Discovery of the Sea welcome massage; unique brush cleanse and exfoliation, a soothing massage, and an application of a skin-specific mask, moisturizer, and eye cream, you will feel refreshed and relaxed with beautifully glowing skin

Source Marine Hydra-Strengthening Treatment- Normal/Dehydrated


Rehydrate and visibly strengthen thirsty skin with this treatment concentrated and remineralising active ingredients.




Made-to-measure products to efficiently fight the signs of time

ANTI-AGEING Thalgo is an anti-aging specialist and offers facials for different ages and anti-aging concerns, all renowned for their incredible results.


Spiruline Boost Smoothing Detoxifying Treatment

55 mins - £55.00 to £65.00

The marine 'shot' for city skin and first signs of urban ageing. Detoxifying treatment to refresh the features, recover a fresh complexion and smooth the skin.

ANTI-AGEING (Any type of skin)

Hyalu-Procollage -55 min - £70

Wrinkle to wrinkle treatment combines three hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen using Roller Boosters for visible effectiveness from the first treatment instantly. The face looks younger, relaxed, and even pronounced wrinkles appear smoother.


Silicium Lift Facial- 1 hour 15 mins- £75.00

This lifting facial is designed to combat all the signs of aging at 45+ to leave your skin firmer, younger-looking and glowing. Relax and immerse yourself in an aquatic cocoon during the Discovery of the Sea welcome ritual, brush cleanse, and exfoliation, followed by an expert anti-aging massage to lift the features. A super-lifting mask is applied to visibly lift and contour the face and neck and fill deeper wrinkles after one treatment.


£45.00 - £55.00

Treatment 25 mins Thalgo's Peeling* Marin Treatment with acids from fermented micronised marine algae gives a new skin effect in 25 minutes, leaving the complexion smooth, radiant, and plumped up. *Superficial peel is Recommended as a course of 2-3 sessions for maximum results. Always apply Peeling Marin Sunscreen SPF50 after a Peeling Marin treatment.


ThalgoMen Ocean Ritual

60min - £40.00 to £75.00

This personalised signature facial for male skin combines energising marine active ingredients with soothing massage movements to ensure exceptional results. The facial begins with a Discovery of the Sea welcome massage, followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation on the face and neck, applying Algue Bleue Vitale Extract to revitalise the skin. A shoulder, neck, and scalp massage relieves any remaining tension, while a skin-specific mask and moisturiser correct any skin concerns, restoring and energising the skin.