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About Madame Art

Madame Art is a Beauty Salon in Scarborough, UK


My name is Klaudia, and I was born in Poland in the city of Piła. I am currently living in Scarborough since September 2015. Throughout this entire period, I continued my profession without any long break. In my country, i.e. Poland, I had the opportunity to qualify as a "Cosmetic Services Technician". My beautiful private plans prevented me from going to college. That is why I focused on the subject of cosmetics. I was not delighted with this because I dreamed of studying interior design. Over time, I got over it.

What was the reason for this?

I could present a lot of arguments. However, one of those striking things for me is the psyche of a woman and a man. I noticed what was happening to us when they did something around them to relax the skin of the face and body. It's amazing how little do we need to be happy? That is why I decided to choose a company that would meet my and my clients' expectations. The French company "Thalgo" focuses on the composition of sea algae. The effects are visible after the first treatment.

An amazing variety in women is eyelashes. Using products for professionals from the company "Secret Lashes" where the ambassador is Joanna Krupa. Polish model from the American show business. These eyelashes do not change their shape and remain the same until the next visit. In addition to the growth phase, which is ANAGEN, CATAGEN, TELOGEN.

A wonderful time and a lot of knowledge that I experienced at school or in beauty salons introduced my knowledge into my professional life. Contact with the customer not replaced. A smile on my face and friendly communication often made me friends with my clients.

How am I developing my profession?

Although I have finished many courses in my country, I do not stop thinking about further training. In 2021, I ventured into eyebrow training, i.e. semi-permanent make-up, and it is not the end. In 2022, I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the micro-pigmentation of the scalp. However, I must admit that the subject that I love is the feet and the skin of the face. I am a fan of the medical pedicure. I have been doing clasps on ingrown nails using a milling machine, scalp, and other tools for years.

What can I do?

-to recognize and diagnose the type and condition of the skin and skin appendages. -determine the type of cosmetic treatment based on the diagnosis, -select cosmetic preparations according to the type and condition of the skin, - prepare and use preparations for cosmetic treatments. - perform care, healing and beauty treatments, - perform physical therapy treatments, -provide advice in the field of care and beautifying cosmetics. -comply with sanitary regulations, use methods and means of disinfection and sterilisation, - organise and run a beauty salon, - evaluate the quality of the work performed. - comply with occupational health and safety, fire protection and environmental protection regulations while performing professional tasks, - provide first aid to victims of accidents at work

I think this knowledge is available to every professional beautician. And so on. It could go on and on forever. Today? I share the strength and independence of many mentally strong women. I am not ashamed of my mistakes because they shape and polish me. Of course, it would be good to live without them, but the experiences in our life make us want more, and we can do more.